Purely Accordion

In December 1999 Norvic Concordia made a CD called "Purely Accordion". This contains eighteen tracks with music by such diverse composers as J S Bach, Cole Porter, Leroy Anderson, Bert Kaempfert, Michel Legrand and Irving Berlin. As well as quintet pieces it also has solos, a duet and a trio, which is a typical format for a concert programme at that time.

For full details and independent reviews see the following Websites: http://www.djcrecords.co.uk and http://www.accordions.com/index/art/cd_01_05_11.shtml.

Track details are as follows:
1. Blue TangoLeroy Anderson
2. It's All Right With MeCole Porter
3. I Will Wait For YouMichel Legrand
4. Extase TangoJosé Belmonte
From The Treasure Chest of MusicPeter Hayward
5. The Tall Ships
6. The Leaves of Oman
7. The Imp in The Bottle
8. La CumparsitaG. Matos Rodríguez
9. 'Allo, 'Allo David Croft & Roy Moore
10. Under Paris SkiesHubert Giraud
11. Last of the Summer Wine Ronnie Hazlehurst
12. DominoLouis Ferrari
13. Dancing MadalynneMargaret Ledger (arr Peter Ayers)
14. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song                         Irving Berlin                              
      Once in a While Michael Edwards
15.  Spanish Eyes Bert Kaempfert
16. Air from Suite No. 3 in DJ.S. Bach
17. My FlorenceGuido Deiro
18. My Fair LadyFrederick Loewe



 Simply Accordion

A second CD was issued in November 2008. Called “Simply Accordion”  also contains eighteen tracks played by the whole ensemble in a variety of light music styles.

Full track listing is as follows:

1. Old ComradesLeroy Anderson
2. Chanson de MatinEdward Elgar
3. In Party MoodJack Strachey
4. The Phantom MelodyAlbert Ketèlbey
    Piazzolla SuiteAstor Piazzolla
5.     i  Tanguisimo
6.     ii Chiquilin de Bachin&n
7.     iii Extasis
8. MistyErroll Garner
9. Canadian CapersChandler, White & Cohen
10. LongingYehuda Oppenheimer
11. Heart of ParisGeorges Auric
12. Spring in TuscanyGerhard Winkler
13. EvensongEasthope Martin
14. StändchenJonny Heykens
15. The Grasshoppers’ DanceErnest Bucalossi
16. Manha do CarnavalLuiz Bonfa
17. March (A Little Suite)Trevor Duncan
18. LazzarellaDomenico Modugno

Simply Accordion

Review by Mark Tweedie : Eastern Daily Press : 9th January 2009

Tuneful and touching

Yet more evidence here that the accordion is a complex creature which extends way beyond the instrument wielded by the stereotypical Frenchman of yore. For much of the Norfolk-based quintet’s latest release, embracing a repertoire as diverse as Elgar and Piazzolla, it bob-bob-bobs along with the carefree gaiety of a ride on the fairground gallopers. But then it springs surprises with some truly touching moments, notably the lovely Longing, by Yehuda Oppenheimer, and Easthope Martin's Evensong. Splendid stuff, and such accomplished musicianship, too.

Review by Bert Santilly : 28th November 2008

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Accordion CDs are not exactly thick on the ground even in this day and age, and accordion CDs featuring an all accordion quintet are even rarer; so the chance to listen to a full-on programme of music by the Norvic Concordia Quintet tickled my musical taste buds more than a little!

  It really is quite a unique oeuvre; I can’t think of anything in a similar genre (certainly not in U.K.) since listening to that wonderful Swiss octet at one of Malcolm Gee’s festivals many years ago. But they were professional musicians playing a largely classical repertoire. These musicians are amateurs in the true sense of the word. They clearly love the music that they play – it comes over in every track.

  There is a degree of accuracy that tells you a lot about the preparation that must have gone into this CD. Their use of expression is subtle. Don’t go looking for overstated crescendi, diminuendi etc. You won’t find them. Instead you will hear well modulated phrasing, careful articulation, good balance between the various sections of the pieces and impressive contrast between one track and another as the CD takes you through its programme. Their attention to the detail of the carefully written arrangements is excellent. They demonstrate good balance between the members of the group with leads singing through, and clearly played parts sounding in the ensemble sections.

 So to summarise; this is an unusual CD. There are very few British accordion quintets that perform concert programmes on a regular basis. Peter Ayers has done a huge amount of work to arrange the music; and the ensemble must have worked their socks off to learn, rehearse and finally record all eighteen tracks. When you listen to it, it is very easy to forget that this is an amateur ensemble. The result is a quite remarkable CD that has an entertaining and varied programme of music. The music is very well arranged and the playing is of a very high order. It should be part of any serious accordionist’s library.

For further details please contact:
Peter Ayers' - ayers697@btinternet.com


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